To those who profess the 'Religion of Islam', this site will seem offensive, untruthful, hatemongering, one sided and unfair.

       All I would like the reader to do is to have the intellectual inquisitiveness, to persevere, to continue reading and investigating. God has given humanity the ability to think, to evaluate, to imagine, to compare and contrast and then to come to conclusions based upon knowledge. This is what differentiates the faculties of human beings from the other members of the Animal Kingdom.

       Almost all human beings are 'indoctrinated' by their parents, their society and their culture to grow up believing what they have been taught. No human being chooses his or her beliefs at birth. We all, Muhammadans, Moussawis (Jews), Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Animists,etc. are the end product of our upbringing. None of us ever chose the ideas, beliefs, doctrines and traditions that we hold since we never had any choice in the matter. None of us are 'guilty' of who and what we end up as, whether Muslims, Jews, Christians or otherwise.  We are all 'victims' of years of relentless and unremitting 'programming'.

       Belief is not rational. It does not lend itself or tolerate questioning, investigation, modification or contradiction. It is an ALL or NOTHING state of mind. It is totally fixed in Time and Space.

       Even upon maturity and with all the colossal amount of information that is available to the individual, from books, internet, TV, radio and all other means of information technology, the individual still finds it almost impossible to question one's core beliefs; even if the individual is not 'religious'. This is because our 'programming' has been so intense that we cannot easily look objectively upon our beliefs from the outside in.

       The human mind even, among the most 'cultured' and 'intelligent' individuals, is infinitely complex and is able of having 'multiple and contradictory personalities' within the same body none of which knows that the 'other' exists.

       Each individual, to start with, has at least two personalities: for good and for evil. Many humans can look at 'reality' eye ball to eye ball and yet can deny its existence; it refuses to accept it. Knowledge and intelligence are NOT a prerequisite for 'objective' and 'realistic' rational thinking.

       If upon double- checking, investigating, comparing and contrasting the information here in with the records and information that are available to most literate human beings, and the reader finds fault, untruth, fabrication, alteration or deception anywhere, then please let him/her take up the

challenge and collect the reward. It is this simple

Within this website you will find the most accurate, and detailed analysis of the Quranic verses available. The author of this website has dedicated a lifetime of study to exposing the doctrines and falsehoods contained in Muhammadan Islam using theQuran itself as evidence.

       This website will ultimately grow into the definitive source of Quranic information on the internet. The website is updated daily, so please check back regularly for new content. We welcome any comments/suggestions - please use the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the web page.

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