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       NOTE:   To make sure that no one will accuse the author of 'perverting', 'taking out of context' or 'editing' either the Quran, its interpretation or the Biblical quotes, I have done my utmost to put every relevant piece of information intact. All interpretations of the Quranic verses are exactly as they appear in the translation of this version of the Quran by its author (Abdullah Yusuf Ali).

       Every verse has been noted. Not one word or sentence has been tampered with in any way, shape or form. All Biblical and rabbinical quotes are exactly as they appear in their original. All comments made are entirely my own, based on all the research that I have done over the last twenty three years.

       #(Abdullah Yusuf Ali) "This truth was asserted by the prophets of old and especially by Abraham, the father of monotheism. Islam reveres all of these prophets including not only Abraham, who is the father of the Arabs as well as of the Jews, but also Moses and Christ. The Prophet and Messenger of God, Muhammad--may peace and blessings be upon him, his family and his companions, was the last of this long line of prophets and Islam is the last religion until the Day of Judgement. It is the final expression of the Abrahamic tradition. One should in fact properly speak of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, for Islam shares with the other Abrahamic religions their sacred history, the basic ethical teachings contained in the Ten Commandments and above all, belief in the One God. And it renews and repeats the true beliefs of Jews and Christians whose scriptures are mentioned as divinely revealed books in Islam's own sacred book, the Quran"

       For Muslims, or followers of Islam, the Quran is the actual Word of God revealed through the archangel Gabriel (1) to the Prophet of Islam during the twenty-three-year period of his prophetic mission. It was revealed in the Arabic language as a sonoral revelation which the Prophet repeated to his companions. Arabic became therefore the language of Islam even for non-Arab Muslims. Under the direction of the Prophet, the verses and chapters were organized in the order known to Muslims to this day (2). There is only one text of the Quran accepted by all schools of Islamic thought and there are no variants (3).

       The Quran is the central sacred reality of Islam. The sound of the Quran is the first and last sound that a Muslim hears in this life. As the direct Word of God and the embodiment of God's Will, the Quran is considered as the guide par excellence for the life of Muslims. It is the source of all Islamic doctrines and ethics. Both the intellectual aspects of Islam and Islamic Law have their source in the Quran. Perhaps there is no book revered by any human collectivity as much as the Quran is revered by Muslims(4) . Essentially a religion of the book, Islam sees all authentic religions as being associated with a scripture. That is why Muslims call Christians and Jews the "people of the book" (5).

       Throughout all its chapters and verses, the Quran emphasizes the significance of knowledge and encourages Muslims to learn and to acquire knowledge not only of God's laws and religious injunctions, but also of the world of nature. The Quran refers, in a language rich in its varied terminology, to the importance of seeing, contemplating, and reasoning about the world of creation and its diverse phenomena. It places the gaining of knowledge as the highest religious activity, one that is most pleasing in God's eyes (6). That is why wherever the message of the Quran was accepted and understood, the quest for knowledge flourished (7).

       Muslims believe in One, Unique, Incomparable God (8); in the Angels created by Him (9); in the prophets through whom His revelations were brought to mankind (10); in the Day of Judgement and individual accountability for actions (11); in God's complete authority over human destiny and in life after death. Muslims believe in a chain of prophets starting with Adam and including Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elias, Jonah, John the Baptist, and Jesus, peace be upon them. But God's final message to man, a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing-up of all that has gone before was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) through Gabriel (12).

       The Quran is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It was memorized by Muhammad (SAW) and then dictated to his Companions, and written down by scribes, who cross-checked it during his lifetime. Not one word of its 114 chapters, Suras, has been changed over the centuries, so that the Quran is in every detail the unique and miraculous text which was revealed to Muhammad (SAW) fourteen centuries ago (13).

       A Muslim marriage is not a 'sacrament', but a simple, legal agreement in which either partner is free to include conditions. Marriage customs thus vary widely from country to country. As a result, divorce is not common, although it is not forbidden as a last resort. According to Islam, no Muslim girl can be forced to marry against her will: her parents will simply suggest young men they think may be suitable (14).

       Like Jews and Christians, Muslims believe that the present life is only a trial preparation for the next realm of existence. Basic articles of faith include: the Day of Judgement, resurrection, Heaven and Hell (15). When a Muslim dies, he or she is washed, usually by a family member, wrapped in a clean white cloth, and buried with a simple prayer preferably the same day (16). Muslims consider this one of the final services they can do for their relatives, and an opportunity to remember their own brief existence here on earth. The Prophet (SAW) taught that three things can continue to help a person even after death; charity which he had given, knowledge which he had taught and prayers on their behalf by a righteous child. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)"#

       ***Both the Quran and its interpreters identify the JEWS as a religious group and not as a NATIONALITY (ethnic group), which of course, is utterly wrong. Unfortunately, this error has been unintentionally perpetrated over a period of almost 2000 years.

       The JEW, after all,  is a descendant from people who inhabited the KINGDOM of JUDEA which existed from the 10th century BCE until the 2nd century CE.

       The national religion of the KINGDOM of JUDEA was the religion of Moses, the MOSAIC LAW and hence their religion was MOUSAWIYA. Even in Arabic, the Jews are called "Al Ta'ifa al Mousawiya".

       Just as anyone born in Arabia is called an Arab and so are their descendants, and the same goes for those born in India, Indians; in France, French; in Italy, Italian; in Egypt, Egyptians; etc., then those who are descendants from people who had their ancestry rooted in JUDEA are called JEWS.

       During the centuries of their EXILE/DIASPORA, the Jews - because of their very distinct religion, especially in Europe - became identified with THE RELIGION OF THE JEWS; hence they were called JEWS.

       The religion of a people, the Mosaic faith (MOUSAWIYA) became identified with their country of origin, JUDEA. The NATIONALITY of the people and their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS became one and the same: JEWS.

       When the Arabs conquered lands on three continents, their religion and their nationality becacme blurred also. The Arabs were called MUSLIMS.

       In reality, not all Arabs are Muslims nor are all Muslims Arab.

       There are Arabs who are Christian, Mousawis, Sabeans and Hanifs. There are Muslims who are Jews, Americans, Chinese, English and all other nationalities.

       Most Arabs are followers of Muhammad but not all followers of Muhammad are Arabs. The followers of Jesus are called Christians because he was supposed to be the Messiah (Christ). Although most Europeans are Christians, not all Christians are European.

       The Arabs arrogated to themselves - and to themselves alone - to the exclusion of the other monotheists, the Mousawis, Hanifs and Unitarian Christians the title MUSLIMOON, hence denying the latter three groups their rightful share in it.

       The term ISLAM only means SUBMISSION (to the will of  One God) and has absolutely nothing to do with either Muhammad or his Quran.

       It was the Israelites after all, who were the first to 'submit' to the will of the One and Only God by accepting His revelations in the Torah, which they have kept alive for the two thousand years during which the Arabs were in the darkest abyss of paganism. They only re-discovered monotheism through Muhammad and his Quran.

        The term ISLAM must not be allowed to be made exclusive to the followers of Muhammad. They can call themselves MUHAMMADAN MUSLIMS, but not Muslims alone since there are MUSAWI MUSLIMS as well as CHRISTIAN MUSLIMS (Unitarians) and HANIFI MUSLIMS.

       I shall now counter, item by item, the interpretations, conclusions and assumptions made by both the Quran and its followers:

(1)        The Quran is not the direct word of Allah as is asserted above since it was through the angel Gabriel that Muhammad allegedly received his calling. It was only to Moses that Allah spoke directly "Wa Mousa, Kalimu'Allah" and gave him the Torah  and not through any other INTERMEDIARY whether human or angel.

(2)         It is also untrue, that the manner in which we find the Quran today has remained unchanged since it was arranged by Muhammad.

       The extensive historical records - as shown - of his followers, report that in his days, the Quran was not yet COMPLETELY written and it had to undergo several editings and consolidations before it was finalised in 932CE; 300 years after his death.

        The manuscript available in the Library of the Qarawiyun mosque in Fez, Morocco as well as other documents prove otherwise (The Tashkent Codex and the Topkapi Codex).

(3)        The interpreter's bombast regarding the reverence of the Quran by the followers of Muhammad, very conveniently and mendaciously ignores the fact that both the Torah and the New Testament which preceded it by 2000 and 600 years respectively, were and are as much revered.

(4)         While Muhammad's Quran calls the Jews and Christians 'People of the Book', they are none the less repeatedly insulted, denigrated and humiliated in numerous verses, because the Quran alleges that the generations of 'Jews' after Moses and the early Israelites had been corrupt and no longer obeyed the Law.

       The Quran also alleges that the Christians too, after Jesus, became corrupt and did not follow his teachings anymore.

       Although the Quran NEVER alleges that the People of the Book had ALTERED/ EDITED/ CORRUPTED the TEXTS of their Books, nonetheless, there are numerous Muhammadan 'scholars' who assert otherwise, negatively influencing the thoughts of their hundreds of millions of their followers.

       They did and continue to do so because of their incredible frustration at not being able to reconcile the Biblical events (which were divinely inspired as the word of God) with the enormous, unacceptable and unfathomable differences found in Muhammad's Quran of the same stories.

       To resolve this conundrum, they resorted to the simplest possible solution: ALLEGE THAT THE EARLIER REVELATIONS HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED, hence with one stroke they rendered the Books of the Jews and Christians UNHOLY.

(5)        Respect for knowledge has been and will forever be a demand in the Torah from all of its followers. This was and is one of the fundamental reasons that although Jews have always been an extremely small minority among the world's population, they have none the less, because of their literacy, contributed immensely in all its aspects to civilization and knowledge.

       It is a fact, for example, that 20% of all Nobel Prize winners are JEWS, although they represent less than 0.2% of the world population (14 millions).

       While 20% of the world population of (1500 million) Muhammadan Muslims, have a miserable 0.2% of Nobel Prize winners.

(6)        The Almighty gave the Torah to Moses in 40 days and nights; why then did it take Muhammad TWENTY THREE years to close the Quran?

       Why even after twenty-three years, is the Quran not equal to a fraction of the Torah?

       The answer is simple: Muhammad was 'reciting' his Quran as he went along, for as long as he was alive.

       The Hadiths themselves, repeatedly show,that hundreds of Ayat/Verses were 'descended' to him AFTER such and such an event had occurred. Most were 'descended' in HINDSIGHT and to explain away actions - invariably criminal or indecent - that were taken or ordered by him.

       According to all the 'Muslim' records that are extant, the Quran was composed entirely by Muhammad who attributed it to the very convenient but imaginary angel Gabriel - with whom he was in constant conversations and meetings - who allegedly inspired it to him in the name of Allah.

       Not once anywhere in the literature of Muhammadan Islam is there a single reference that anyone else besides Muhammad had witnessed any of his meetings with Gabriel or the Jinn.

        Allah was the Head god of the pagan Meccan pantheon of about 360 deities. How could Allah of pagan Arabia be the same as the God of Israel?

       If he were the God of Israel, why would Muhammad and his Quran insist that after 2000 years, during which, the Israelites were monotheistic and the Arabs were pagan, Allah would change allegiance from those who believed in him all these centuries to those who had abandoned him for almost 2500 years?

(7)        The Israelites accepted their covenant with the Almighty in ONE day at Mount Sinai. Typically, the followers of Muhammad required several DECADES to achieve much less.

(8)        While the 'Signs' or miracles given to Moses were revealed to him in PLAIN VIEW of all of Ummat Isra'il, the "People of Israel" as witnesses, on the other hand, every single Sign that was 'revealed' to Muhammad was when he was alone, without witnesses and invariably in the pitch darkness of the night.

       Moreover, Moses forewarned his people - and Pharaoh - with verses BEFORE the events occurred while almost every single one of Muhammad's 'revelations' occurred in hindsight, AFTER the event and to explain away the reasons of actions taken - invariably illegal and immoral - as ordered by him.

(9)        Muhammad promised his followers unlimited sexual and other pleasures in the AFTERLIFE but deprived them of similar pleasures in LIFE on Earth except what they are allowed to keep through pillaging, plundering, booty, enslavement, rape through piratical raids.

(10)        Muhammad divided humanity in two major parts with perpetual wars and strife:

a) Dar al Harb  / The territory of  War                   for the UNBELIEVERS


b) Dar al Islam / The Territory of Peace            for the BELIEVERS.

       Those who believe in Allah and in Muhammad as his prophet and those who do not.

       According to Muhammad's Quran, 'world peace' will occur when every living human being becomes one of its followers.

(11)        Muhammad blasphemed the name of God by arrogating to himself and his followers the right to force people to convert to his theological ideas
                                                               In The Name of Allah.

        If Allah were the God of Israel and He wanted humanity to believe only in Him, He would have programmed them to do so and would not have needed mere evil mortals such as Muhammad and his followers to achieve this objective.

       Without belaboring the point and cutting all details to the chase, there is not a single item in Muhammad's Quran which can be construed as a NEW REVELATION to either the followers of Moses or Jesus.

        The Quran's unique 'revelations' were initially for the pagan Arabs ONLY, since Muhammad desired to give his people a Scripture similar to that of the Jews and Christians.

       In spite of all the bragging as well as all of the intellectual, theological contortions and deceptions perpetrated by the followers of Muhammad regarding the Quran, no one can deny its enormous indebtedness to the Bible and Scriptures. All of the Quran's moral, judicial, religious and theological contents are derived from them.   

       No human being can ever understand Muhammad's Quran - even those who understand Arabic perfectly - unless and until its verses are explained based on the Bible and Scriptures as has been shown in the pages of this 'book'.

          In SUMMATION, the following are only a few examples of Muhammad's Quran qualities that have been fully addressed previously:

Blasphemous:         Abrogated and Abrogating verses whereby Allah - the Omniscient - kept changing his mind repeatedly.

Demonic:                    Demons, Jinns and Satans are WITNESSES to the VERACITY of Muhammad's Quran.

Hatemongering:        Verse 9:29

Illogical:           Quran vs. Bible CONTRADICTIONS if their source is the same GOD.

Immoral:               Muhammad's version of a Whorehouse Paradise full of women for SEX.

Inconceivable:     A rock god, the Black Stone 'revealing' the Quran.

Irreconcilable:   Jews 'believe' that the Uzair is the SON of GOD.(9:30).

Joyless:               Music, Singing, Dancing, Gambling, Paiting, Sculpting, Wine drinking, etc. etc. are all PROHIBITED in LIFE                                            but are the rewards in the AFTERLIFE.

Satanic:             Satan was able to fool Muhammad by inserting the SATANIC VERSES in the Quran.

Terroristic:             JIHAD, JIHAD, JIHAD

Unhistorical:         Mary the MOTHER of Jesus is the SISTER of Moses.

Warmongering:    Verse 9:05


       The only CONCLUSION that one can come to, that would explain ALL the ANOMALIES, MENDACITIES, HISTORICAL DISLOCATIONS, NAME INCOMPATIBILITIES and IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES between the Quranic and Biblical versions of the same events, is that the Quran is the product of Muhammad's own imagination, his ALTER EGO, projected into the mouth of the unsuspecting  ALLAH, the pagan rock god embedded in the wall of the Ka'ba, called the BLACK STONE.

       The Quran is Muhammad's ALTER EGO because anyone thoroughly STUDYING its verses, will then comprehend the incredible INTIMACY between Muhammad and Allah.

       The verses of the Quran represent Muhammad's personal THOUGHTS, NEEDS, HATREDS, LUSTS, ANGER, FEARS, JEALOUSY, DESIRES and REVENGE that were very CONVENIENTLY and on DEMAND responded to by Allah.

       Hence, there is not a single letter in the Quran, let alone a word, a sentence, a verse or a chapter that could have possibly been 'revealed' by any OMNISCIENT, COMPASSIONATE or MERCIFUL divinity.